Friday, June 25, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Salt Lake City has a neighborhood clean-up in which residents are invited to put all the garbage and yard waste they can carry out of their homes and yards on the curb for pick-up. The piles are not supposed to be larger than 20 feet long and 6 feet from the curb, but having larger piles is quite common. The piles remind me of some kind of free-form modern sculpture you might find in the corner of some avant garde gallery. This year I decided to take pictures of my favorite pile, which I have been walking past everyday for the last week while on my way to the park. You can literally see bits and pieces of the last four decades laid out on the side of the road. When I take photographs for the sake of art I tend to gravitate toward small details and things that often go unnoticed. I think there is a lot of beauty right in front of us that is usually not noticed. Here are some of my favorite photographs:

Green Case
It's amazing how rotten people will allow things to become before actually throwing them out.

Red Rotary
I love seeing the odd mix of nature, concrete, and discarded household items.

Barbie Car
I think I had that same Barbie car back in the 80's

A black and white selection.

Ian saved this image for me and tastefully named the file Boob, thanks Babe!

And to finish, a topical Haiku:

Garbage piles are full
Useless crap from decades past
Gross stuff kept too long

Thank you, thank you, no applause necessary . . .

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  1. Amazing stuff babe, I love the Haiku as well. You're amazing. And what else was I supposed to call it? It's what it reminds me of.