Thursday, November 29, 2012


I'm trying a new approach to Abstract art in my Drawing 1 classes. I came up with a more structured way of having the students complete their Abstract designs because the way I've done it in the past was so open-ended that a lot of kids really struggled and constantly second-guessed themselves.  Here are the two examples I came up with:


Abstract landscape

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pinch Pots with Kids

I had today off, so I decided to teach a pottery lesson in Aven's preschool class. I practiced the lesson on Aven last weekend since I had never taught a group of three-year-old kids and wasn't sure what to expect with their fine motor skill abilities. Some kids were naturals and got it right away, other kids just pinched way too hard and ended up with less of a pot and more of a plate with holes in it.

It was SO much fun. I'll have to think of another art project I could do with her class in the future. My favorite kid quote of the day: "So, we can eat soup out of here?!" Me, looking at his rather flat pot with a couple holes in it: " . . . maybe not soup, but you could probably put some kind of food in it".

The results, drying on my fireplace mantle.