Saturday, August 31, 2013

Duck Duck Goose

So the other day I was going through our collection of over 3,000 photos we took on our vacation when Cara comments "I don't understand why you are so fascinated by ducks." You see every time I am near a bird with a camera in my hand I'm snapping shots like crazy. It has been a long standing tradition for her to ask me about my obsession with taking photo's of waterfowl. This time was different though, this time she asked me while I was in front of the computer rather then in the middle of trying to catch that perfect angle. This time I had a minute to think about the question. And it really is a simple answer. I'm not fixated on waterfowl, I'm simply pretending to be a wildlife photographer and ducks are everywhere. That's it. I just see more ducks than anything else when I'm out and about with my camera. They also don't frighten me like the bear we saw once on the side of the road in the Tetons. I can't get close to a Bear, Buffalo, or a Moose out in the wild, and my zoom lens isn't very zoomy (yes I said zoomy, I like making up words). I'll take photos of any animal that won't suddenly decide to kill me and happens to be nearby while I have a camera in hand. Ducks let me get close and they are everywhere, literally everywhere, The photos below were taken in Austria and Switzerland. So, sorry Cara you'll have to get used to it. Besides I really do like the results.



See what I did there? You're it now. :)

Found this guy on a lake in Austria, Don't know what he is.
but he has red eyes and a smile so I assume it's a demon in disguise.

Check out this guy's hairdo. Cara is scared of this one.
Swan's are tricky, they are bright white so a lot of my shots were washed out.
I love the water in this photos as well.
Swan Family = Adorable
Look I found the ugly duckling.