Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Art Fair 2013!

Art Fair 2013- wooooo! It was awesome this year, as always. My drawing 2 class did an AMAZING job getting everything stapled to boards. It ends up being a game of Tetris in order to get everything to fit. It was interesting to see which kids were natural leaders in that situation. I rarely had to intervene since my leaders took charge so smoothly and effectively. When it came time to set up in the library my leaders once again took charge and they got the whole Art Fair, all 32 9'x4' display boards, set up in only 4 hours! It was great! I really do love my job.

An evening of art. We had a pretty big crowd.
I added the Altered Books made by my Drawing 2 class to the Art Fair this year and people seemed to enjoy them.

The Faculty and Staff display continues to be popular.

Altered Books!

7th grade Best In Show

8th Grade Best In Show
9th Grade Best in Show
Ceramics Best In Show, view #1

Ceramics Best in Show, View #2

Friday, April 5, 2013


I love photographing dancers.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Merida Dress

Aven wants a Merida dress and a bow and arrow for her birthday. At the beginning of my spring break I set out to make her one. Before you judge just know that I've made a few blankets, but this is the first garment I've ever made. I really hope Aven likes it.

It actually looks a lot less blue (more green) in person.