Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little Lambkins

I have been feeling very crafty lately and am feeling more connected to crafty arts like scrap booking and fabric arts than I am to drawing and painting, maybe because I feel like my efforts are more useful and appreciated. Above is the lamb I made for Aven that was featured in this blog's first post. I liked it so much and had so much fun making it that I decided to try one using felted wool:

I love this version even more than the original and I think it turned out great. I really like the visible seam and the old-fashioned look it has. I am looking forward to making more stuffed animals and will be looking for different patterns and will definitely be working with felted wool again.

When I complete a drawing in my sketchbook Aven doesn't want to cuddle with it and carry it around the house- that must be why I am turning into such a Holly Homemaker.

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