Thursday, July 8, 2010

Visuals Notebook

While working on my B.A. I was required to take a studio class that was all about art production. It was pretty much self-driven with weekly discussions. The only real assignment we got was to keep what the professors called a Visuals Notebook. In it we could do just about anything we wanted- draw, write, collage, or anything else we could think of. Keeping these notebooks was one of my favorite things I did in my degree program and it is something that I kept up for a couple years after I graduated. I have decided to start a new one because it's a good way to express my creativity in a small contained space and it's a great stress reliever. It has been harder than I thought it would be to work in it since I spend a significant amount of my time chasing after a one year old, but I have managed to get a few pages I like:

When I worked in the photo lab at Westminster I used to collect all kinds of interesting things students would throw away in the darkroom garbage can. I still have many of those things in a box along with a lot of other images and scraps that I collected from all kinds of different sources. I got that box out and created the above collage.

Several sketches of my hand, each in a different medium.

I really love drawing with vine charcoal, which is what I used to create the above sketch of the meadow near my family's cabin.

The same meadow that I sketched in the previous picture done in watercolor. Lately I have really been enjoying quick, expressive line drawings and paintings.

More pages to come . . . (hopefully!).

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