Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chalk Art Tribute

Ian and I went to the chalk art festival in June and ever since that I've been wanting to do some chalk art. Since I'm somewhat limited to Aven's nap time, and due to that my own home, I chose to create my drawing on my front porch where it's shady.

I taught my Drawing 2 students about Keith Haring last school year and had them create a Keith Haring style drawing. I was initially interested in Haring because he was an artist who was working and popular during my childhood as opposed to artists who had been long dead. After doing quite a bit of research on him I became a huge fan of him, his work, his style, and his mission in life and in the art world. So, in short, I decided to create a Keith Haring style drawing of my little family on my front porch. The cement on my porch was less than accepting of the chalk that I was trying to apply, so I didn't get the rich colors I was hoping for, but I still had a lot of fun and managed to finish just before Aven woke up from her afternoon nap:

The part of Aven is being played by "radiant baby" and Grace turned out much smaller than I planned, but that's okay.

Thanks for the inspiration Keith . . .

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