Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Safety Posters 2013

Time again for safety posters. Last year I had one student make the finalist list but didn't quite make the calendar. The year before that I had a student win a spot on the calendar along with $200.00. This year my hopes aren't incredibly high, but I participate because the Utah Labor Commission gives $300.00 to my art program plus matching money for any of my students who win prize money. I also like that this assignment makes the kids think about their community and the types of jobs their parents do and the potential dangers that go along with those jobs.

I always enjoy seeing the unintentionally funny posters just as much as I like the really well executed ones.

First category for this year:


What do you do when you accidentally leave the "R" out of "first"? Just go with it. A fist wearing a hard hat- that makes sense, right?
This poster teaches me that I might want to avoid giving Mr. Potato Head a weapon when playing 'tato with Aven. Just for the record, we have many Potato Head accessories at our house and I have never seen Mr. Potato head packing either a gun or a chainsaw
"Coconuts: 150 deaths a year". Ya, so I looked that statistic up for the kid who made this poster. So, I guess you should stay away from palm trees and cacti. Also, penguins are cool.        

 Next up:


For the second year in a row I have received a condom themed safety poster. I tried to discreetly explain what it would mean to have to wear a condom in the WORKPLACE to the kid who made this. After several different attempts he finally got it and said "well, I guess prostitutes need to be safe, too".  Hand to forehead.

I have some students with parents like this. They definitely tend to annoy.


Almost There
Well done, cute illustrations, but I don't know that safety is the key to life as a whole. I think it's reaching a bit.

This one could have been great. They could have used that loopy Pinterest font for the lettereing and drawn all the safety gear in little squares like you see on Pinterest. Alas, this one slips through the cracks.


Likely Winners

Probably the most likely to win out of all the submissions. Emotionally hard hitting, clear, easy to understand, and really nicely done.
There is some definite awkwardness in the drawing, but the slogan is pretty great.

I'll be waiting with bated breath to see if any of my students take home a prize this year.

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