Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Altered Book

Altered Book: Take a discarded book and turn it into a work of art.

-Open up.
-Be Honest.
-Be powerful
-Make thumbnail sketches.
-Make your mark.
-Lightly gesso some pages.
-Use different mediums.
-Be funny.
-Make a social comment.
-If you don't know what to say just start and it will come.

Include all of the following:
-Start with a 'me' collage and a handprint.
-Create a found poem.
-Create collages from magazines or your own drawings.
-Create a cool cover for your book.
-Include some of your own drawings. Draw right on the page.
-Write your own poem. Illustrate it.
-Carve it out.

-Include political satire or a comment on our government policies.
-Create a collage using found content other than magazines.
-Punch holes, tie it together.
-Use white glue or gesso to create a raised texture.
-Glue a small picture on a page. Draw or paint all around the the sides of the picture to extend the picture.
-Create some watercolor paintings.
-Use mixed media on the same page.
-Your own creation.

What do YOU want to say? How will you say it? Go further, further, further. Above all, have fun and let your creativity out!

A fellow teacher from South Jordan Middle introduced us to the concept of altered books during district collaboration. I haven't had so much fun with art in a long time. I've really gotten into the process and it has inspired me to get back to into making art for myself, not just for my job. I'm really excited to start this project with my Drawing 2 students in a few weeks.

I found this book in one of my storage rooms at work. The binding was a little iffy, so I drilled holes and sewed the book together with embroidery floss.
Right inside the front cover.
An homage to skiing and winter.
Quotes I love.
I work on this page when I'm craving things I can't have.
Starry Night interpretation plus a found poem. 
This is the second time I used these lyrics and this imagery in the book. Apparently there's a strong connection there.
Drawing right on the page.
Fun with watercolor and colored pencil on a gessoed page.
Snowflake stamps I made for my Christmas cards this year.

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