Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The poster below was made by a student who has done next to nothing in my class all semester. The assignment was for the students to come up with an original movie concept and design a poster to advertise the movie. This particular student came up with the title "When a Hobo Falls in Love" and thought I wouldn't let her do it. When I said 'yes' she was ecstatic and worked incredibly hard to complete the mediocre-at-best poster you see below. I actually gave her an A because she worked so diligently to complete it on time.

Yes, the hobo is holding a sign that says "I don't have calsones [underwear]". Yes, the hobo has peed his pants. Yes, I let her turn it in even though it wasn't completely colored and she still had one day to work on it in class. Yes, I allowed her to do these things because every time she asked if she could add another ridiculous detail and I said 'yes' it inspired her to work harder and be more creative, and in the end, that's what my job is really about.

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