Monday, February 13, 2012

Workplace Safety Posters 2012

It's time again for the annual Utah Labor Commission "Workplace Safety Poster Contest". I both hate and love this assignment. I hate that I am giving my students an assignment so that I can get money for my art program (even though they benefit from that money). I love the results- both the really good ones and the ones that are unintentionally funny. I also love that my art program gets $500 just for participating plus matching money for any student winners. Last year I got an additional $200 because one of my students won $200.

I'll begin with my favorite category: Unintentionally funny/ Just plain awkward.

I love that Jose "accidentally" drops a brick on the other guy's head as he's eating his lunch.
That was no accident, if you ask me.

Where are their legs?!
I have absolutely no idea what this has to do with safety. If you're not safe your heart will bleed and grow wings?
"So that baby's don't poop on your hands or arms . . . Always have safe sex". I tried very hard to explain that using condoms has little to do with workplace safety, but this kid could not be deterred. Ian thinks it might be relevant in Nevada or Amsterdam. I also don't quite make the leap from un-safe sex to having a baby that poops on me. I guess my mind goes straight to disease. So deliciously bad on so many levels.

Now on to the next and last category: Possible winners. I had some pretty great entries this time and am very excited to see if any of them win a prize.

This kid is super-talented, but also really gang involved. It's kinda sad. I think he could make a living doing art in some form if he doesn't get sucked too far into gang life.
I just thought this one was cute.

The earth as a hard hat- I love it!

I think this one has an excellent chance. It's touching and has a good "be safe" message.

Another one that's just super cute.

This girl should write slogans for an advertising agency.

Last, but not least, a tree with branches that spell out the word "Safety". Kinda cool.


  1. This is a really great assignment if you ask me. I love art especially if it means that youngsters will know what their art is all about and how they can save the community by giving them arts like this. Your students are really talented. You must be a really great teacher. :)

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  2. Those are really good assignments. What workers should really do is to follow it. 1. have PPE, 2. get safety training such oshacampus 10 hr, 3. follow all osha rules and guidelines.