Friday, August 6, 2010

Song Challenge, Week One

I recently saw a cool song challenge on a Quirky Pickings, a blog I read from time to time. It was designed to be done one post a day for 30 days, but I have decided to do one post a week for four weeks. It was a lot of fun to think about and while I realize I could come up with literally dozens of different answers for each question here's what I came up with at this moment in time for the first of four posts:

1. Favorite Song: Call to Arms by Angels and Airwaves. "When the thousands of stars come out thousands of times/ you can go only if you believe" need I say more?

2. Least favorite song: Lady by Styx. I'm sure I could think of a song I dislike even more, but Lady annoys me enough that I'm going with it.

3. A song that makes you happy: Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap. I love the vocalist and the lyrics are super-sweet.

4. A song that makes you sad: A Little's Enough by Angels and Airwaves. It makes me sad in a good way. I was listening to this song a lot when one of my best friends became a foster parent and was dealing with all of the difficult emotions that go along with that position.

5. A song that reminds you of someone: Time by the Alan Parsons Project. It always makes me think of my uncle Mark who was killed in a helicopter crash 21 years ago. We played it at his funeral. I can't listen to it without experiencing a deluge of tears.

6. A song that reminds of you of somewhere: Fair by Remy Zero. We listened to the Garden State soundtrack a lot while we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii, so just about any song on that soundtrack brings back wonderful memories.

7. A song that reminds you of a certain event: You're the One That I Want from the Grease soundtrack. I had the Grease CD playing in my truck when Ian and I went on our first date.

More to come next week!

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  1. Ooh, interesting post.
    My least favorite song is manic monday and dancing queen. I hate hate hate those songs.
    For some reason it is easier for me to think of things I hate rather than things I like....
    Thanks for the food for thought.