Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Art Fair!

It is Art Fair season once again! This year we had over 450 entries, which is the biggest show in the six years I've been doing this. This show is definitely a labor of love that I start collecting work for in August or September. This year I was blessed with a student aide who mounted and stapled labels to well over half of the drawings and paintings which saved me many late nights.

Below is a visual overview of the show:
This year I used 31 4'x8' display boards.

This is the biggest ceramics section we've had in three years.

The faculty section was a hit for the third year in a row.

I just have to say that we have the most awesome principal ever. Not only did she attend the Art Fair, she was excited to be there and made sure that she talked to every student and parent.

My own little art critic had a great time looking at the art and "oohing and awing".

She also had a great time running around like a wild child.

The Best In Show winners (and every one of them SO deserved it):

9th grade: Starry Night Interpretation

8th Grade: Autumn Night Silhouette

7th Grade: Wolf Howling at the Moon (this one was poster size!)

Ceramics: The Archie Pop Collection

As much as I love the Art Fair and look forward to it every year I am always glad when it is over because it signals that summer is near.

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  1. Yay! miss this so much, what a fun night! And Aven's tights are so cute that I can hardly stand it.